My Swimsuit Slipped... And it went in!? A Mixed Synchronized Swimming Club with More Than Just Nip Slips in Store!


“I’m practicing… but… oh…!” Skin and skin that stick perfectly in the water! Keep acting while you get fucked! -Hiroto, who was made to enter the female synchronized club despite being a man. From day one, he gets into a fight with Meiko, a female member who hates men, and as punishment, he is ordered to clean the pool. Meiko is shy only because her underwear is wet and transparent. In this situation, it’s not about timing”, to overcome the man’s aversion… Initiate sex? Although Meiko, who hates losing, feels caressed all over her body, she endures and squirms. “This is how it is.” …Hmm…I don’t feel good at all…!” She was so cute that she blamed her boobs intensely…! Fingertips that can’t stop growing into a sensitive cock that is completely thrown away…”

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